Martin Münch

Martin Münch

The other modernity

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Martin Münch

Artistic direction and impulse

The evolutionary aesthetics - the other modernity: contemporary incorporation in tradition, communication, sensuality of sound

Pianistic culture around 1900 - sophistication and sensibility, social status of music, lifestyle and environment

Internationality - exchange and interaction of different Western cultures

Humanism and free spirit - preserving the great heritage of the European Enlightenment

Artistic vitality - openness and joy in innovative surprises

Programs and press

Programs as soloist (selection)

Lecture-Recitals - Alexander Scriabin, interpretation of romantic music, improvisation for classical musicians

Solo recitals - free musical spirits (Ravel, Debussy, Scriabin, Mozart, Münch), Slow Piano Classics (Vivaldi, Beethoven, Satie and others)

Monographic Concerts - A composer is presented in a complete night: Scriabin, Balakirev, Glasunov or Albéniz (complete IBERIA)

Biography Concerts - VIVALDImünch, LISZTmünch, RAVELmünch, DEBUSSYmünch, SCHUMANNmünch, MOZARTmünch and MünCHopiN

Thematic evenings - musical impressionism (Ravel, Debussy, Schmitt, Respighi), turn of the century (Strauss, Reger, Lourié, Prokofjev) and others

Live Improvisation of silent movies (Metropolis, Nosferatu, Faust, Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Griffith, Eisenstein and many more)

programmes for duos and other instruments (selection)

Piano for four pearl hands of orchestral music (Bruckner, Grieg, Glasunow, Liszt), openings (Mozart, Rossini, Verdi, Strauss)

Double recitals with clarinet (Saint-Saens, Debussy, Poulenc, Münch), flute (Ravel, Bizet and others), accordion (Vivaldi, Piazzolla and others) and others

Duo Innovations Music Meditations (guided by psychiatrist / meditation therapist - Satie, Ravel, Münch), Drive In (Impros com violoncello)

Martin Münch Trio composition night (piano trios, violin and cello sonata) Quintet (saxophone quartet + piano, saxophone trio, duos)

Publications (selection)

Scriabin's Melodic and Harmonics books, Berlin 2004

CDs with own works Cellanima 2014, Arabesques 2013, Suite Antique 2011, Lux calme et volupté 1998 and others

CDs as interpreter and improviser Improvisation 2008, Drive In 2004, Barbaro Cantabile 2001, Katharsis 1996 and others

Radio and television broadcasts of their own works on Radio France, Bulgarian Television, SDR, SWF and others

German press reviews (selection)

The time (Zeit) "the true instruments of the trade", "polistilistic variety", "true sound orgies", "pianistic chord work", 16.08.96

Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten "A talented technician on his instrument", 01.07.02

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger "commitment to the last stroke", "a piano recital of beguiling presence", 27.09.07

Frankfurter Rundschau "an experience full of intensity", 13.07.96

Westfalenblatt Bielefeld "grandiose, fascinating in its rhythm and unprecedented in its condensations", Jürgen Schmidt 1996

Recklinghäuser Zeitung "elegant game (...), which modeled the essential crystallized and the finest nuances", 22.12.97

Heilbronn's voice "An acoustic high-voltage voice, which almost rips off the seat when you hear it", 14.05.05

Rhein-Neckar Heidelberg Newspaper "Tireless mania to increase", "these precious things (...) have rarely been heard brighter", 22.06.13

Mannheimer Morgen "A contrast that is hardly imaginable in a stronger way and yet seems to be almost harmoniously united in Münch", 05.01.07

Trade magazines, radio and international press (selection)

Classic Today "What poetry, what a championship!", 10.02.14

BR 4 Classic "Sovereignty, both in technical aspects and in the great formal structures, should surprise", 05.07.97

Pianobleu "Très impresantes, oui, vraimant saisissantes", 20.12.13

Muzyka Warsaw Zafascynowany interpretacje przesycje temperamentem i bogactwem dynamiki", November 2005

La Opinion Murcia (Spain) "interesting experience and excellent pianist", 30.09.06

Il giornale di Vicenza (Italy) "convinto nel territorio del pieno virtuosismo", 28.11.12

Recommendations (selection)

German Embassy in Montevideo "Your concert was one of this year's highlights in our cultural work", 04.09.13

German Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro "extraordinary musical commitment", "impressive resourcefulness", 26.08.13

German Consulate General in New York "His performance was enthusiastically received by the audience", 07.11.06

The German Honorary Consulate in Florence "lit the spark of enthusiasm (...) in Florence (...) An excellent pianist", 19.04.05

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Martin Münch: Children's Songs, Op.32a
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